PU Insulation Panel

General Details
EPS insulation panel, included in GN-Panel System, is the most cost effective insulation materials with exceptional R-value that is specially used in installing cold storage and clean room facilities.

» Application

  • Installing cold storage and clean room facilities
  • Constructing temporary office, mobile office, commercial center, exhibition center
  • School, factory, office building, etc.

» Advantages

  • Excellent R-value for insulation purpose
  • Easy to install and easy to expand after installation.
  • Low maintenance fee
  • Long lasting material


Product dimension
Insualtion core PU FOAM, density 40kg/m3
Tole profile Colorbond steel, with thickness of 0.45mm to 0.5mm;

We use high quality steel imported from Taiwan that meet standard of cold room and clean room application.

Panel Length Maximum 12m
Panel Width 1140mm
Panel Thickness 50 mm / 75 mm / 100 mm / 125 mm / 150 mm / 175 mm / 200 mm

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